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Company Profile

Providing insurance and real estate services for more than six decades

Founded in 1960 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Success Realty & Insurance Ltd. has been proudly serving local and international clientele for more than 60 years, providing insurance, real estate brokerage and property management services.


As a family-owned and operated company, we believe in treating our clients like family.


A bilingual company (English and Mandarin/Cantonese), Success Realty & Insurance is a full-service, independent insurance brokerage committed to providing you with quality products and services to meet your home, auto, commercial, business and travel insurance needs. Our licensed insurance agents and full-time office personnel aim to achieve your goals and deliver results through creative solutions and collaboration.


We are also a commercial and residential real estate brokerage and property management firm. Our company started with, and continues to be active in, buying, selling and managing commercial and residential real estate, blending personal service with high standards. We can help you list your property for sale or lease, assist you in acquiring a home or commercial building, or review today’s real estate market trends with you.


We are pleased to serve you. Our insurance and real estate professionals bring a vast amount of experience and know-how to the table. We are proud of the talented people who work with us and the community in which we serve.


We know about relationships. We’ve been building them for more than 60 years. These values are the foundation on which our company was built; they are the reason for our success, and they guide our actions each day.


Our values and longstanding relationships are central to achieving our vision.


Our Vision

We strive to consistently surpass our current achievements by delivering service excellence, conducting business in an ethical manner, and adding value through the experience of our professionals -- and always in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Our Values

We have more than 60 years of experience providing insurance and real estate solutions for British Columbians, based on our core values of honesty, integrity, respect and client-focussed action.



With roots dating back to 1960, Success Realty & Insurance was built on a tradition of hard work, commitment and trust

Success Realty & Insurance Ltd. had humble beginnings when it opened its doors more than 60 years ago in Vancouver’s Chinatown. A young Asian female business entrepreneur named Edna May Eng founded the company, with her husband Jack Lim Eng, in 1960, at a time when there were very few Chinese realtors in Vancouver.


Jack was a community builder, business leader, teacher and scholar whose life reads like a history book of the Chinese Canadian toil, triumph and success through the last century. Edna was a pioneer in business and the community, with an unabashed drive to succeed. Rich in history and architecture, Vancouver’s Chinatown was a big part of Edna’s life. She was born and raised in this neighbourhood and worked here most of her life.

The business thrived in the 1960s and 70s as one of the top residential real estate sales offices in the city, selling new homes to the early wave of new Chinese immigrants. Jack was awarded Top 5 Selling Salespeople from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver three times. The business grew to include retail insurance brokerage, property management, residential development and real estate investments. 

Edna was licensed as an agent authorized to sell general insurance and real estate. Her son, Jordan Eng, joined Success Realty & Insurance in 1989 and, together, they oversaw all aspects of the business operation for the next 30 years.

Over the decades, the firm grew by focusing on building a large insurance portfolio and concentrating on expanding the geographical base of its business. 

The company has operated from its current location at 145 Keefer Street (former home of the Sam Kee Company) since 1978, when Success Realty & Insurance purchased and renovated the building. Many original clients became lifelong friends. 

Success Realty & Insurance remains in the family today and celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2020.


Principal Biography


As a Principal of Success Realty and Insurance Ltd., Jordan Eng has been in the insurance, real estate and property management business for more than 30 years.


Today, he manages all strategic, financial and operational activities of the company.


Over the decades, the company has gained a solid reputation as a well-respected provider of general insurance products and real estate and property management services. Working in the heart of Vancouver’s vibrant and historic Chinatown, Jordan takes pride in the company founded by his parents. The family-owned business on Keefer Street is among the oldest establishments in Chinatown.

Jordan is actively involved in the community as President of the Vancouver Chinatown Business Improvement Association, past chair of the Chinatown Festival, past chair of the Vancouver Chinatown Revitalization Committee and was an executive board member of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. 




"We are a family business that takes pride in our legacy and our contribution to the community in which we operate. Through our experience, knowledge and customer-centric approach, we strive to make our clients’ insurance and real estate transactions efficient and seamless.”

Image by Nathan Dumlao

“We have worked with Jordan Eng and his team at Success Realty & Insurance Ltd. for many years. Jordan and his team are very knowledgeable and are exceptionally skilled problem solvers, which is essential in Vancouver’s competitive real estate market. You will be impressed with Jordan’s natural ability to find solutions to the most complicated business problems. I highly recommend Jordan Eng and his team at Success Realty & Insurance Ltd. and I plan to work with them for many years to come.”

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